The walk-in pantry was a must for me in the design of the kitchen. In our old home, there was never enough room in the kitchen for everything. The same complaint that I get from all my customers. Kitchen items are always stored in various locations around the house. With this spacious pantry everything that is not stored in the kitchen base cabinet drawers where it is at my fingertips, or on the lowest shelf of the upper cabinets… the nose to knees range…..can be stored in either the large cabinet with drawers or on shelves.

Again I went one step farther with the pantry, it is also wheelchair accessible. The door is 36″ and there is a five foot turning radius in the pantry


A 36″ pocket door with etched glass offers the entrance to the 7′ x 7′ pantry.

Even when you hand select the people to work on a house that represents the future of home design it is sometimes difficult to convince them that what they are told cannot be altered to their “I’ve always done it this way” concept. The argument here was that the bottom shelf would be 24″ AFF. This reduces the need for stooping to get something from the bottom shelf. Often used item are stored on shelves from nose to knees. No more pain of bending and reaching to access those everyday items.

Marie Stapperfenne, CLIPP Ambassador and 2015 National President of NKBA, was the one who coined the statement, “Nose to Knees”.

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The home was designed by LaDonna Eriksen, BS, MS, CLIPPTM, LIPATM, HATSTM

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