Kitchen Features II

There are always a thousand moving parts in a kitchen. It is important to think of all of the different possibilities when designing a kitchen. Even with a smaller space than we have in this area, accommodations can be made to make the space useful.


The raised dishwasher makes it easy to load and unload from a standing or seated position. The cabinet directly above makes a great location for the bread, toaster and pods for the Keurig.

Space to Move

It is important to have enough space to move around even if you have a walker or a wheelchair. Since the island was not straight accommodations for the narrowest point to be no less than 42″ were made. When the dishwasher door is open there is still space to move from one side to the other easily even in a wheelchair.

Counter Top Height

There are four different counter heights in the kitchen. These varied heights give options for different activities. Due to problems with my back I wanted my sink to be higher than 36″ which greatly reduces back strain when standing working at the sink for long periods of time. The lowest height is the right height for me for kneading bread and rolling cookies. Also a different height for the cooktop so splashing grease does not reach the eyes. These heights are easy to calculate for every person.

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