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To make a home truly functional for all, it must be easy to move about the home. Whether you are just walking on your own, carrying a child or laundry, using a walker, crutches or wheelchair….you must have the amount of space necessary for all of these activities. Life can change in the blink of an eye. We do not know what will happen from one minute to the next, much less one day to the next. We do not know the condition of someone who may visit.

This became very clear to Mike and LaDonna when on January 30, 2019 Mike had a stroke at 7:10 am. Luckily it was a minor stroke and there were very few residual effects thanks to the team at Methodist Hospital in Omaha, NE. If it had been debilitating, life in their old home would have been impossible since it was a multilevel home with stairs and obstacles everywhere. They had been working on the plans and location for their new home for over a year at that time. Construction for their new, Forever Living In Place Home, began in May of 2019.


Hallways should be a minimum of 42″ wide, preferably 48″ wide. This allows movement for everyone. This hallway is 48″ wide.


All doorways should be a minimum of 36″. Whether it be entering a bedroom, bathroom, shower or any other room of the house. It makes no difference if it is a hinged or pocket door, 36″ works. If you decide to put a standard “D” shaped pull on a pocket door to make it easier to open and close, use a 42″ door so there is a full 36″ opening.

Front Door

The main entrance to the home should be 42″ to allow movement of furniture and appliances to be brought into the home easily.

Not all those who wander are lost.


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The home was designed by LaDonna Eriksen, BS, MS, CLIPP, LIPA, HATS

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