Kitchen Features III

There are so many features that make this kitchen so easy to live in……let’s look at the baking center. From the mixer lift to the oven I can have multiple projects going at the same time and still have room for Mike to make his own lunch without bothering what I am baking. During the holidays, I bake constantly… most of it away to friends and neighbors. This time, instead of fighting for space to bake, cool, wrap and package, every activity had it’s place with room to spare. Next year maybe we will make this a party!!!

Mixer Lift

The Kitchen Aid mixer is great to use for baking, but lifting it out of a cabinet or moving it from a storage place to the counter is next to impossible due to the weight of the appliance. Mike was so impressed with the function he had me order one for his shop to make a home for his grinder.

A drawer for everything

Next to the mixer lift I designed a drawer that would house the sealed containers for the sugar, flour, powdered sugar, and more…..

cookie cutters and ramekins and baking pans
Chips, raisins, measuring cups

And all the baking during the holidays……..

So many cookie sheets and now a home for all and more

I have always favored that space above the oven as a great spot for all those pesky cookie sheets, muffin pans, cake pans and all those “flatish” items that you use in the oven. There is 30″ of space that is otherwise wasted and can be sub-divided tray dividers for all those otherwise hard to store baking items. Some say it is too high for a Living In Place kitchen. For my use, it is just fine. If I were confined to a wheel chair….It would have been placed lower. And it could always be moved to a shelf in the pantry if need be. Those dividers work anywhere.

…and so much more

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