Kitchen Features I

There are many features to this kitchen which make it easy to work in and safe for everyone. The style throughout the home tends toward a craftsman design. To give the cabinets a custom feel, layering of cabinet depth added not only interest but dimension as well. To create texture, a distressed paint finished was used. Feet make cabinets appear as furniture for the kitchen. The next few pages will help you to understand the many differences found in this kitchen to make it functional for everyone.

Microwave Drawer

The Microwave drawer at the end of the island is easy to use for young and old alike. This is a safety feature that can be used in every home. No more dangerous reaching up to remove hot items from a wall mounted microwave


The extra drawer in the Cafe French door refrigerator can be used for drinks, snacks or reset for soft frozen items. This drawer reduces cooling loss from the main refrigerator, plus it is easy to reach for children or someone in a seated position.

drawer pulls

D-shaped handles on drawers in the base cabinets assures that clothing will not catch and be torn.

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The home was designed by LaDonna Eriksen, BS, MS, CLIPPTM

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