French Door Oven

When I decided to go with the GE Cafe Series I had to make a major decision….to do the French Door Oven or not. Well, being 5’3″ and getting shorter with age, I decided that reaching over that upper oven door would be far too difficult, and since I wanted to have a double oven for the first time due to my love of baking, the French Door oven on top was an absolute must.

Customize the Look

While getting twice the cooking space I could also customize the look of my new double oven. The mixture of stainless and copper works well with the copper pendant lighting over the island. The top oven’s French door design offers an ergonomic, walk-up experience and, since both doors open at once, I can hold my cookie sheet with one hand and open the oven with the other. And with Precision Cooking built into both ovens, I can now make my 100 year old soft sugar cookie recipe which needs precise temperature and my Creme Broule in the other oven without worry.

Café Professional Series 30″ Smart Built-In Convection French-Door Double Wall Oven

And it is so smart!

It is great that I can be on my way home and with the SmartHQ app I can preheat my oven so it is ready for the bread that was proofing in the other while I was gone.

And while we are on the subject of proofing, another day I was gone and the bread was proofing in the oven and suddenly my phone alerted me that my oven had been running for 6 hours and asked if I wanted it to continue with it on or turn the oven off. So safe!

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