When most people think about changes in a home to make sure that it meets the needs of life changes, almost everyone focuses on changes in the bathroom and maybe the kitchen. To be certain, those areas are important, but to make a forever Full Access home work for everyone, young or old, the design needs to be accessible to make it safe and allow independence for everyone throughout.

Open Concept

The home was designed with an open concept to allow for ease of movement throughout no matter what your stage of life. Whether you are a toddler just learning to walk or on crutches because of an injury, or using a walker after a stroke, this design provides room for movement.

Linear Fireplace

The linear fireplace was a feature that Mike fell in love with three years ago at the International Builders Show in Orlando. I insisted that it had to be safe, so we chose a system that is designed for aesthetics and safety. Inviting for a group to gather for conversation, but safe for inquiring little fingers. The glass does not get above 140 degrees. Hot enough to warn, but not hot enough to burn.


The heart of the home is always the kitchen, and this one is no exception. The kitchen space was very important to me. After designing so many beautiful and functional kitchens throughout the years, I wanted to design a kitchen that would serve me and any future residents.

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The home was designed by LaDonna Eriksen, BS, MS, CLIPPTM

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